Sunday, December 19, 2010

Before & After RV Remodel

Finally getting around to posting our before and after pictures of the RV remodel. Here goes!


Here's the Family Shrine, and the refrigerator with chalkboard paint. The kids love doing art work on the fridge.

Trying to show my favorite vintage hook I got, and the crown molding my hubby put in the bathroom.

Living Room:
See those beautiful glass windows above the chairs? We didn't know what to do about those. Then, we had an idea to paint them with chalkboard paint! They were covered nicely, and they're so useful. We write notes to each other, or our To Do list, or Grocery List, or meal planning on them. I love them now! My "after" picture didn't turn out for those...will have to post that later.

My Hot Contractor, working hard. Cute and happy.

Loft/Kids' Room
This is after The Hot Contractor tore it apart and rebuilt it.

Happy kids in their loft. They love it! We have their toys and books around the edges, and their bed in the middle.


My kids, helping the Hot Contractor work on things.

There's no "before" for this shot, but this is our "office".
I wanted to show the crown molding my Hot Contractor put up. This is the view from laying on the bed.

Here's the outside of the RV in process. The Hot Contractor rebuilt the loft over the cab because the outside wall had come off. There were some pretty amazing things underneath that three ant colonies!

He also took off all the windows for painting and repairing the walls. He had to remove many of the inner walls as he discovered more and more dry rot as he began taking things apart. I'm just glad we discovered it, and that it's gone. Plus, with all the walls torn out, it was a good reason to do new texture and paint.

Just before we left for our adventure. Yes, I'm hugely pregnant. I think this was at 34 weeks.

Here's us driving away. I'm driving the RV, pulling The Hot Contractor's tool trailer with The Princess in the cab of the RV. The Hot Contractor is driving his truck, hauling his flat bed trailer with my car on top, and he has Little Brother with him. We looked like something out of Beverly Hillbilly's traveling down the road.

Shameless Plug:
Now that you've seen what my talented hubby can do, may I ask that you keep him in mind for projects you or your friends might have coming up? We will be traveling the country, so we may be coming to a neighborhood (or RV campground) near you! We would love to meet people, explore new places, and be able to make some sort of income while we do it. For more about what The Hot Contractor can do, or to see pictures of past projects, you can check out his website here. Thanks, friends!