Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Plans!

For the last few weeks, The Hot Contractor and I have been watching gas prices rise, listening to some economists we follow predict that gas will reach $5/ gallon in the next few months, and crunching the numbers on our trip budget. It didn't all add up.

We decided to buy a travel trailer and a diesel truck which we can convert to veggie oil, and sell our motor home. I know, sad to say goodbye to her. After remodeling her, birthing my son in her, and enjoying her cute coziness, it is hard. But we will be ok. ;-)

So last weekend we got a travel trailer and moved into it. And this week we decided on a truck to buy, and are currently in Bakersfield, CA (AKA "the armpit" of California), picking up our new truck. The new travel trailer is not so cute, but it "has good bones" (as my Hot Contractor likes to say), and we are loving the layout (like the dining room table we can all sit down at). We may paint it and fix up a little at some point, but there's no time to do it now.

The Hot Contractor has been researching biodiesel conversion, and learning a ton. We're super excited about using vegetable oil from restaurants to fuel our vehicle.

This plan should allow us to not be held back by the rising fuel costs, and to have a little more play, and a lot less work while on the road. We always like that!

And for an added bonus, this truck holds all five of us (plus our dog Sugar), and will be a great work truck for The Hot Contractor once we get to our destination. We know someone who traveled the country in a converted motor home for months, and spent less than $200 on fuel. I think the fuel cost savings we are going to experience will be amazing.

Our current plan is to leave Santa Cruz in four weeks, go back to Oroville and pack up our belongings for a week, then head out. We will head to Idaho for a couple weeks, after visiting some friends in Southern California.

Can't wait!


  1. I'm so glad all your vehicular desires are working out! You guys never cease to amaze me, way to live the dream, baby! 8)

  2. Wow! You guys are amazing! I can't wait to see you in 4 weeks! PS... your "about me" says your the mama to three precious kids... not exactly true.

  3. I wanna see you when u are down south!! And we have a friend who is a contractor and we can ask if he needs help!!!

  4. AND u guys are totally welcome to park at our house and even sleep inside. Plenty of room in the house!

  5. Thanks, KC! Aren't you in SD? I'm not sure we'll make it that far south, but would love to see you if we do! :-)

  6. Hey Girl! If you are anywhere within 50 miles of our neck of the woods let me know - would love to see you!