Friday, March 18, 2016

Healthy, Homemade Hand Sanitizer

So this year, The Princess and I have been hosting Homemade Toiletry classes for some of our homeschool friends who have girls her age.  It's been super fun teaching them recipes for things we've been making for awhile, and also learning new recipes to teach for our class.  We've done some really awesome things, which I hope to catch up on in the blog at some point soon.

Today we hosted a class on Healthy, Homemade Hand Sanitizer. It was so FUN! Seriously, you guys, this stuff is so easy and cheap to make, I wondered why I haven't been doing this my whole life! It also helps us keep our hands clean, while avoiding that toxic, cancer-causing commercial stuff.  That stuff gives me the heebie geebies!  So, here's the recipe:

You'll want to purchase a glass bottle to keep it in since it contains essential oils, and those things can corrode plastic.  I purchased some like this.

For 2 oz bottles, you'll use:
1/4 cup Aloe Vera Gel
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
10 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
8 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil.

**Please note, if you will be using this sanitizer on a child under 2 years of age, please omit the cinnamon essential oil, as it is not safe for children under 2 to use cinnamon EO topically.

We put all the ingredients in a small glass jar and stirred them around with a fork.  Then, using a funnel, we poured them into our spray bottles.  You could also just put all the ingredients in the spray bottle, put the cap on, and shake it. 


  1. I'm going to have to try this. Does it leave a residue on you hands. Some of the store bought does.

    1. It doesn't! It just feels like aloe, and slightly moisturizing. The thing I love the most is that it doesn't dry out my hands like the store bought stuff does.