Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Rig

Per Brendan's request, here are some pics of the rig. Kind of Beverly Hillbillies style. But we've been known to sport a lot more hillbilly than this. This is pretty high-class for us. ;-)

The Once-A-Travel-Trailer-Turned-Flatbed-Turned-Cargo Trailer-Trailer. The Hot Contractor just finished building this a couple days ago. It has all our remaining possessions inside. I kinda think we should spray paint "U-Haul" on the side. What do you think? Too W.T.?

Here's what it looked like as a flatbed trailer.

Here's The Beast

The veggie kit just arrived today, so The Hot Contractor will begin installing it tomorrow. I'm not gonna show you a picture of the tailgate. That's because the other day, when I went to the RV store, I was backing up, and backed right into their big ol' sign out front. The guy working there came out laughing and said, "Haha...Everyone does that!". I wasn't laughing when I looked at the tailgate. Oh, well. The sign was fine, by the way.

Here's the Travel Trailer.

Home Sweet Home.

We're hoping to finish the veggie conversion, and some other essential repairs by next Tuesday or Wednesday. We'll then head down to Santa Barbara to visit some friends for a few days.


  1. So now I'm confused. What state is it in right now as you are living out of it? The top pic or the bottom? Certainly not the middle. ;)

  2. Haha....there are TWO different trailers, Brendan! The top and middle are pics of the same trailer. The bottom one is the trailer we're living in. We'll travel in that one, then come retrieve the U-haul with our stuff once we settle. There's no pic of the flat bed/ cargo trailer when it was a travel trailer. It was really probably don't want to see those pics. ;-)

  3. Thanks for posting pics. Makes more sense now. I thought you were going to pull both trailers. Happy trails.