Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clairification of Terms

Ok, so apparently there's been some confusion about how many trailers and RVs we're sporting.  In my mind, it all makes sense, but then again, it's my life.  So, for those of you living outside my mind, here goes:

The original "RV", the one we remodeled is a motor home. We no longer live in it, and we left it in CA.  Here's a picture of that:


We moved into a 27' Travel Trailer (also technically an "RV"), and bought a diesel truck to pull it. We chose to do this so we could run on veggie oil, and avoid paying $5/ gallon of fuel our entire way across the country. Here's a picture of that:

We have that big black truck.  The Hot Contractor converted it to run on vegetable oil.  We get used oil from restaurants for free, and run on it.  It's wonderful.  We had a hard time finding it while we were still in CA (evidently lots of people in CA do the veggie oil thing, and all the restaurants seem to have "their guy" who comes and picks up their oil.  But now that we're in Podunk Nowhere, we're not having a hard time AT ALL!). We sold all our other vehicles. Here's a picture of the truck:

Then there's another trailer. I think this might be where the confusion comes in.  That flatbed that The Hot Contractor converted to a cargo trailer (it once was a travel trailer in it's past life, but we won't talk about that because that's just confusing!) is the other one.  We left it in CA with all our stuff, and The Hot Contractor will drive out to pick it up in July.  We did this because 1) we wanted to keep the trailer for The Hot Contractor's business, and 2) it was the most cost-efficient way to get all our stuff across the country....running on free fuel and not renting a vehicle to transport our stuff.  It will mean being away from my darling husband for two.whole.weeks (sniff, sniff).  Let's not talk about that.

Here's a picture of the flatbed-turned-cargo-trailer:


OK, make sense?  I hope so.


  1. I understood, but now I understand better. :) I think you guys are cool!