Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Our First Egg

We got three more hens last night from some nice lady on Freecycle. These three are Buff Orphingtons, and they join our lone little Rhode Island Red, who lost her mate, the rooster, to our chicken soup for tonight's dinner. They've been figuring out their pecking order all day long. Blood has been drawn, and chickens can be found pacing back and forth in the coop, as they decide who is where in the order.
So, we got our first egg today! One of the new ladies left it in the nesting box this morning. I took The Princess down to get it out this afternoon, when she woke up from her nap. I let her hold the egg, knowing full well that it might not make it to the house alive. It didn't. It ended up all over both of us while The Princess cried from the fall she took while trying to walk up the rocky path oh-so-carefully. It was a memorable first egg. There will be more tomorrow! (hopefully).


  1. Yay for Hens! I want chickens so bad, but i don't think we have the room for it! we shall see :) So glad and honored be apart of your blogging adventure!

  2. Yes, keep writing! We want to see it all unfold for you on your adventure. We love the blogs! 8) Keidi